Feeding, Leading
& Protecting

through the expository, verse-by-verse preaching of God’s Word.

FF Bible Church 2400 flock of isolated sheep

What We Believe

Our Doctrine

What does the Bible say about itself? Who is Jesus? What do the Scriptures teach about God and man, or sin and salvation? Our doctrinal statement affirms what we believe about important topics like these.

Our Distinctives

Our distinctives are what set us apart. They reflect our core convictions, the ‘why’ behind what we do. They tell you what kind of church we are, and what kind of church we are trying to be by God’s grace.


Our Leadership

Christ loves His church.

The Bible’s plan for local church leadership is a plurality of wise, compassionate, biblically-qualified, gifted men who equally share pastoral responsibility of the Lord Jesus’s sheep.

Latest resources from FFBC.

The most recent Bible-teaching resources, including sermons, articles, and podcast episodes, from the ministry of Firm Foundation Bible Church.