Feeding, Leading & Protecting

through the verse-by-verse preaching of God’s Word

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What We Believe

Our Distinctives

Our distinctives are what set us apart. They reflect our core convictions, the ‘why’ behind what we do. They tell you what kind of church we are, and what kind of church we are trying to be by God’s grace.

Our Distinctives
Our Doctrine

What does the Bible say about God, Jesus, man, sin, salvation, or even itself? Our doctrinal statement affirms what we believe about these and other important topics.

Our Doctrine

The Scriptures emphasize to us the absolute centrality of the ministry of God’s Word. It is through the ministry of the Word that the Lord is most pleased to make me more like Jesus. And while He’s doing that in me, He’s doing that in you.”

–Sinclair Ferguson

Recent Articles

He is Worthy: Finding Hope in Time of Uncertainty

July 9, 2021|Suffering|

Christians tend to forget that the book of Revelation is more than a map of future events. In fact, it was written for the purpose of giving hope to a group of early churches who were struggling and afflicted. This reminds us that Revelation is not just for the future, but for us today as we face the trials and difficulties of life.

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