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Fighting the Good Fight: How to Live the Christian Life

November 2, 2021|Battling Sin, Christian Living|

The Christian life is a life of struggle. This was central to John Bunyan's "The Pilgrim's Progress." English puritan John Owen, in his classic work "The Mortification of Sin," assumes the Christian life is a war. If battling is essential to the Christian life, how are we to fight, and where does the power of God come into play?

He is Worthy: Finding Hope in Time of Uncertainty

July 9, 2021|Suffering|

Christians tend to forget that the book of Revelation is more than a map of future events. In fact, it was written for the purpose of giving hope to a group of early churches who were struggling and afflicted. This reminds us that Revelation is not just for the future, but for us today as we face the trials and difficulties of life.

All Christians are First Responders

June 11, 2021|Christian Living, Community & Events, Suffering|

Tragedy is unavoidable in this sin-cursed world, and we should rightly be thankful for the First Responders who come to our aid during emergencies. Every Christian is strategically placed by God, and He may have a special assignment for you that will call you to be the only person who can offer real hope to someone who feels that all hope seems lost.