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  • a group of Christian women at a church social event in Prescott AZ

    How Should We Use Our Spiritual Gifts Within the Church?

    Spiritual Gifts

  • healthy leaves as a picture of biblical spirituality

    Biblical Spirituality and Why it Matters

    Christian Living

  • wedding flower closeup Begg article

    I Begg Your Pardon…Should a Christian Attend an LGBTQ+ Wedding?

    Marriage, Thinking Biblically

  • abstract image for spiritual gifts 1 Corinthians 14 article

    Twelve Lessons About Spiritual Gifts

    Spiritual Gifts, The Church

  • what is the church article church building img

    What is the Church?

    The Church

  • Pastor Suresh with family at church in India

    Update from Pastor Suresh: December 2023

    Christmas, Missions

  • FF-Bible-Church-pastor-shepherding-the-flock

    How to Submit to Your Pastor: A Biblical Understanding of Submission to Elders


  • Christians and cussing img girls at a Bible study

    Should Christians Cuss?

    Christian Living

  • protestant vs catholic authority feat Martin Luther and the pope

    The Preacher vs. the Pope: Scripture and Authority

    Preaching, Scripture

  • Christian theologian and pastor J Gresham Machen

    J. Gresham Machen on Expository Preaching and Christian Growth

    Christian Growth, Preaching, The Church

  • coffee mug with a Bible verse from the book of Proverbs

    How to Read and Apply the Book of Proverbs

    Christian Living

  • a Van Gogh painting depicting depressed and suffering Christians

    Lessons Learned in the School of Suffering