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  • Christians and cussing img girls at a Bible study
    Christian Living

    Does the command to remove filthy language from our lips mean no cussing? Is there even such a thing as a cuss word, or is it all just phonetic sounds and social constructs?

  • police officer as God's common grace to humanity

    Common Grace in Blue

    Politics, Worldview

  • church worship music 03 piano

    Worship 103: Genre and Style in Church Music

    The Church, Worship

  • two Christian friends talking in conversation

    Conversations that Count: Charles Spurgeon and the Art of Asking Questions

    Evangelism, Fellowship

  • a Christian perspective of Halloween Martin Luther jackolantern pumpkin

    Reforming Halloween

    Christian Liberty, Evangelism

  • compass guiding of the Holy Spirit

    Does God Personally Guide Us?

    Christian Living, Suffering

  • lonely depressed Christian man needing biblical counseling

    Where Do You Turn When Your Soul Hurts?

    Christian Living, Suffering

  • blank sheets of paper Christian confession honesty img

    Being Honest About Being Honest

    Christian Growth, Christian Living

  • dry desert road divided CRT article img 2-1

    The Underlying Problem with Critical Race Theory


  • Pastor Suresh Purra in front of a church in India

    Pastor Suresh Purra: An Update from India


  • sun shining down a dark well symbolizing Christian hope

    He is Worthy: Finding Hope in Time of Uncertainty


  • Christians as first responders firefighters img

    All Christians are First Responders

    Christian Living, Community & Events, Suffering

  • church worship music 01 guitar

    Worship 102: Putting the “Congregation” in Congregational Worship

    The Church, Worship