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Christianity & Liberalism: Book Study Edition

By J. Gresham Machen

Published by Foundation Books, a publishing ministry of Firm Foundation Bible Church.

In the early decades of the 1900s, theological liberalism—which denied virtually every essential Christian doctrine—began to make serious headway into the institutions of mainline American protestantism. Christianity & Liberalism, originally published in 1923, was a polemical response to liberalism by New Testament scholar and theologian J. Gresham Machen. In it, he argues that liberalism and Christianity are not two types of Christianity, but two entirely different religions springing from opposite and irreconcilable grounds.

  • Chapters divided into easy-to-read sections
  • Lightly edited for smoother reading
  • Updated & expanded Scripture reference index

  • Study questions coming in the fall of 2024

  • Cost: $11.00
Machen Christianity and Liberalism by Foundation Books Publishing
About This Edition:

This book study edition of Christianity & Liberalism features chapter sub-sections that divide the long chapters into manageable sections that are based on the supporting arguments within the chapter. Sub-sections and accompanying study questions create the ideal opportunity for focused discussion in a small-group context. The book also includes large, beautiful call-out quotations throughout that highlight some of Machen’s most poignant and memorable statements.

Other features include very light editing for smoother reading, such as multiple sentences created from longer sentences separated by semi-colons; updated archaic spellings (e.g., “today” instead of “to-day”); and standard Bible chapter numbers instead of roman numerals. The Scripture reference index has also been expanded to include other biblical texts quoted in Machen’s original, but not cited.

Christianity & Liberalism: Book Study Edition was edited and published by Foundation Books, a publishing ministry of Firm Foundation Bible Church.