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  • healthy leaves as a picture of biblical spirituality

    Biblical Spirituality and Why it Matters

    Christian Living

  • Christians and cussing img girls at a Bible study

    Should Christians Cuss?

    Christian Living

  • coffee mug with a Bible verse from the book of Proverbs

    How to Read and Apply the Book of Proverbs

    Christian Living

  • Christian biblical thinking mind brain img 02

    The Compartmentalization of the Christian Mind, Part 2: A Biblical Approach

    Christian Living, Worldview

  • Christian biblical thinking mind brain img 01

    The Compartmentalization of the Christian Mind, Part 1: The Problem

    Christian Living, Worldview

  • living the Christian life the fight of faith boxers

    Fighting the Good Fight: How to Live the Christian Life

    Battling Sin, Christian Living

  • compass guiding of the Holy Spirit

    Does God Personally Guide Us?

    Christian Living, Suffering

  • lonely depressed Christian man needing biblical counseling

    Where Do You Turn When Your Soul Hurts?

    Christian Living, Suffering

  • blank sheets of paper Christian confession honesty img

    Being Honest About Being Honest

    Christian Growth, Christian Living

  • Christians as first responders firefighters img

    All Christians are First Responders

    Christian Living, Community & Events, Suffering

  • ship in a storm illustration of Christians led astray by false teaching

    Do Not Be Carried Away by Strange Teachings: A Letter to a Friend

    Christian Living, False Teaching

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