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  • church worship music 03 piano

    Worship 103: Genre and Style in Church Music

    The Church, Worship

  • church worship music 01 guitar

    Worship 102: Putting the “Congregation” in Congregational Worship

    The Church, Worship

  • Handel's Messiah Christmas worship music img

    Getting a “Handel” on Christmas

    Christmas, Worship

  • church worship music 02 cello

    Worship 101: A Practical Theology of Music in the Church

    The Church, Worship

  • Christian music hymn exposition--Christ the Sure and Steady Anchor by Matt Papa

    Lyrical Expositions: “Christ the Sure and Steady Anchor” by Matt Papa and Matt Boswell

    Lyrical Expositions, Worship

  • Christian music hymn exposition--I Asked the Lord by John Newton

    Lyrical Expositions: “I Asked the Lord That I Might Grow” by John Newton

    Lyrical Expositions, Worship

  • Christian music hymn exposition--art and music article img

    Lyrical Expositions: Art, Music & God’s Truth

    Lyrical Expositions, Worship

  • Christians lifting hands during a church worship service

    Worship: What Is It, and What Isn’t It?

    The Church, Worship

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