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We thank God for the technology that is available to us and desire to influence as many people as possible for the cause of the Good News of Jesus. To that end, we encourage you to share and reproduce any of our content as much and as often as you like, only you may not change it, alter it, sell it, or charge for it, and, whenever possible, you must credit us appropriately.

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From time to time, our website will feature guests or content by guests who are not formally affiliated with Firm Foundation Bible Church. Such features are not a blanket endorsement of any particular guest, but are at least an affirmation of our basic agreement on first-principle issues of Christian truth, doctrine, and world view. Such features are also a recognition of the value and helpfulness of that particular piece of content.

However, we do not necessarily agree with, support, or condone every view or position a guest may take, and we also cannot and do not assume any responsibility for anything a guest may say, write, or publish beyond what is published on the Firm Foundation website.

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