Helping Christians Find Biblical Answers to Tough Questions

The Christian life is full of hard questions, and Christians often struggle with the answers. A Pastoral Podcast is designed to help everyday Christians grow in Christ by providing biblical answers to those questions. Here are some of the topics Pastors Lloyd and Tony discuss:

  • What makes a church “good”?
  • Why are there different Bible translations?
  • How do I overcome besetting sins?
  • What does biblical parenting look like?
  • What does the Bible say about our entertainment choices?
  • and more.

There are two reasons we do this podcast:

1. To Shepherd the Flock

We believe in using all the resources at our disposal to shepherd the flock that God has entrusted to us—which is precisely why the questions for our podcast come from our members of Firm Foundation Bible Church. You can only have so many weekly Bible studies, and preaching verse-by-verse through the Bible from Sunday to Sunday doesn’t always allow us to cover huge portions of the Bible. But with a podcast, we can easily cover a huge range of topics that are on peoples’ minds, but that we don’t always have a chance to deal with in the normal course of body life.

2. To Be a Trustworthy Voice

Our digital age has made information more accessible than ever. There are an infinite number of books, podcasts, articles, sermons, and more, and it’s all available on our phones with a click. And yet, knowing who to trust is harder than ever. We don’t pretend to have all the answers, and we certainly don’t think we’re going to change the world. But we do believe that the one thing our world needs more of is trustworthy voices. We want to be one of those.

Got Questions? Send Them to Us!

What tough questions do you have about the Christian life? We want to hear about it, and we’ll do our best to provide you with answers solidly grounded in what the Bible has to say. Send your questions to our pastors at info@firmfoundationpv.org.

For more information about A Pastoral Podcast, feel free to contact us.