Fellowship, a meal, and small group discussion on the Sunday sermon in members’ homes.

Flocks are one of the cornerstones of body life at Firm Foundation, and offer a unique opportunity for food and fellowship around God’s Word in a great environment in the homes of our members. Children are able play together nearby in open, highly-visible areas, with some of the older kids able to help keep an eye on the little ones. Hosts usually have quiet rooms available for infants who need to nap.

Flocks meet most Sunday afternoons after the Sunday worship service and typically take breaks over summer and the holidays.

Flocks details:

  • Most Sundays, 12:30 – 2:30 pm

  • At various members’ homes

  • Fellowship, a potluck lunch, and a small-group discussion on the Sunday sermon

  • All are welcome

For Flocks locations and other details, check the church calendar.

Why you should attend a Flock

In Acts 6:1-7, we clearly see that the chief priority of pastoral leadership in the New Testament local church is prayer and the public ministry of God’s Word. However, in that same passage, we also see that one of the responsibilities of pastoral leadership is to facilitate ministry within the local church—to create the framework that allows ministry to take place.

One of the primary ways we do that at Firm Foundation is not through gimmicks or programs, but through Flocks.

Flocks are great for several reasons:

First, they’re at a convenient time and are over early enough to allow you to be home for a long, relaxing end to your weekend.

Second, they provide a truly unique opportunity for fellowship and building biblical relationships with other believers.

Third—and most importantly—Flocks help strengthen the work of God in our hearts and lives by reinforcing the Word preached and making the most of our pastors’ ministries.

Flocks are one of the main reasons we have such a thriving body life at Firm Foundation Bible Church. We definitely encourage everyone to attend, whether you’re a member, regular attender, or a first-time visitor.