FFBC PV Sunday afternoon Flocks fellowships


A potluck meal followed by a small-group-style discusson on that Sunday’s sermon

Sunday afternoons (except for 1st Sundays), 12:30-2:30 p.m.

Various members’ homes

Members and visitors alike are encouraged to attend, and visitors only need to bring an appetite!

About Flocks

Flocks meet immediately after the Sunday A.M. service at members’ homes, and will be held each Sunday except on the first Sunday of each month (so as not to overload weekends that have Saturday men’s and ladies’ fellowships; check the church calendar for details).

Flocks will include a potluck lunch with plenty of time to fellowship in a relaxed environment followed by a small-group-style discussion on the Sunday morning sermon led by one of our leaders (ask Pastor Lloyd or Pastor Tony about getting on the rotating potluck schedule.)

Children will be able play together nearby in an open, highly-visible area, with some of our older ones able to help keep an eye on the little ones. Hosts will have quiet rooms available for little ones who need to nap.

The Benefits of Flocks

Flocks are great for several reasons:

First, they’re at a convenient time and are over early enough to allow you to be home for a long, relaxing end to your weekend.

Second, they provide excellent and unique opportunities for fellowship and building relationships.

Third—and most importantly—Flocks help strengthen the work of God in our hearts and lives by reinforcing the Word preached and making the most of our pastors’ ministries.

We’re very excited about Flocks and definitely encourage you to attend, whether you’re a member or a first-time visitor. For questions or more information about Flocks, please contact Pastor Lloyd or Pastor Tony. See you there!

Spiritual growth happens when God’s Word is faithfully preached.

Growth in Christ comes by reading, understanding, explaining, and applying the Scriptures to our hearts and lives—verse by verse, book by book, week in and week out. Come be nourished with us.

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