FF Bible Church Prescott Valley AZ prayer ministry

Prayer Meeting

What: A short devotional followed by a time of focused, corporate prayer
Who: Members, visitors and attenders are welcome
When: Most Wednesdays at 5:45 p.m.
Where: At the church in suite F

For specific dates and times, see the church calendar.

About the FFBC Prayer Meeting

For all that American Christianity lacks, it abounds in activity: a program for every day of the week; a study for every demographic; big budgets; social functions; full-on worship bands; seasonal productions; retreats of all kinds… There is also a constant concern about the direction of our society. Christians from both sides of the aisle cry out for a national recovery “true Christianity,” and 2 Chronicles 7.14 is often the proof text: “If we will just pray,” so it is said, “God will heal America.”

Unfortunately, the reality that J.C. Ryle observed in his day is the reality in our own: “We live in days of abounding religious profession. There are more places of public worship than there ever was before. There are more people attending them than there ever was before. And yet, in spite of all this public religion…I believe that hundreds of thousands never utter a word of prayer at all.”

Those are stinging words, but if we look in our own mirrors, we must confess to our great shame that they are probably true.

At Firm Foundation, we do not want to be a busy church. We want to be a praying church. We do not want to be a church that talks about praying. We want to be a church who prays.

For this very reason, not only do we make it a point to set time aside each Sunday morning to pray together for our civil authorities (1 Tim. 2.1-4) and the advance of the Kingdom (Matt. 6.10), but we hold a weekly prayer meeting every Wednesday at 5:45pm at the church. It’s not a big event—just a few simple words of encouragement to warm our hearts followed by a focused time of prayer together—but it’s a special time, because we are there and God is there.

Charles Spurgeon once said, “Blessed be his name, the Lord ordains a way of utterance, and bids our heart speak out to him… Do you know, brothers, what great things are to be had for the asking?” At Firm Foundation, we want to find out what great things God will give us when we ask him.

Join us each Wednesday for the Prayer Meeting at 5:45 p.m. Members, regular attenders, and visitors are welcome and encouraged to attend.