FFBC PV womens ministry

Women’s Ministry

Current Friday study Details:

What: “The Excellent Wife” by Martha Pearce
Who: Members, visitors and attenders are welcome
When: Fridays at 8:30 a.m.
Where: At various members’ homes

For directions or details, reach out to Christy Murphy or Beki de la Riva, or contact us.

Other Opportunities:

Besides the Friday study, our Women’s Ministry has several events throughout the year, including a Ladies’ Fellowship on the first Saturday of every month and an annual Summer Brunch each June. For other events and fellowship opportunities, see the church calendar.

About Women’s Ministry

According to our culture, biblical womanhood doesn’t cut it. Women are told they must find fulfillment in a radically-self-oriented approach to life. The modern woman is told she must embrace the promises of self-affirmation supremely and at all costs. Unfortunately, such a mirage can only leave a woman lost, arrogant, and even bitter.

In reality, for all people—man or woman—true fulfillment is found only in Christ. The ultimate satisfaction in life doesn’t come from ‘self-actualization’ in any form—whether career, possessions, or wealth on the one hand, or traditional ideas of family on the other. True meaning is found only in Christ, the Great Author of all meaning, and in living according to His will and plan (Eph. 2:10).

The women’s ministry at Firm Foundation seeks to help women find their fulfillment and satisfaction in Christ through various Bible and book studies, as well as relationship-building social events.