EP #05 | Do I Need to Be Baptized Again?

September 5, 2022


What does the Bible actually teach about baptism?

Many Christians, especially newer Christians, have a lot of questions about baptism. For example, if I was baptized as a child but saved as an adult, do I need to be baptized again? Or is baptism necessary for salvation? Many professing Christians throughout history have answered these questions and more in many different ways.

So what does the Bible actually teach when it comes baptism? On this episode of A Pastoral Podcast, Lloyd and Tony talk through the question of baptism from a biblical perspective.

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What is “Expository Preaching”?

“Expository preaching” simply means working hard to understand God’s meaning in the text, and then applying His truth to our hearts and lives. We are committed to exactly this kind of preaching—verse by verse, book by book, right through the Bible, week in and week out.