December 7, 2023

EP #09 | A Critical Evaluation of Critical Race Theory

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What is Critical Race Theory?

For the past three years, Critical Race Theory (CRT) has been a major force in American society. It occupies a primary point of concern for its opponents, while its advocates among the elite argue that it is simultaneously a ‘boogeyman’ for conservatives as well as a legitimate field of study. While the title is frequently denied, its core tenets are nevertheless being implemented across every major institution, and—more disturbingly—they are held in principle as convictions by large swaths of the American population.

Sadly, the church has not escaped the conflict. American evangelicals are lining up on either side of the divide, with each side claiming a gospel obligation to take their respective stand.

In this very important episode of A Pastoral Podcast, Lloyd and Tony talk about Critical Race Theory. They discuss what it is, how some have responded to it, and how Christians should think about it from a biblical perspective.


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