Go deeper in your personal study of the Word of God.

Online Bible translations, commentaries, helps in the original languages, and other Bible study resources designed to help you dig deeper in your personal study of God’s Word.

NOTE: The presence of a resource on this page is not a blanket endorsement of their ministry or views.


ESV Bible Online

Read or listen to the English Standard Version online. Includes study helps and other resources.


Bible Hub

Greek and Hebrew tools, concordances, commentaries, dictionaries, dozens of Bible translations, and much more.

Bible Study Resource - NET Bible translation

NET Bible

A readable translation of the Scriptures with exceptional exegetical and Bible study notes.


Bible Gateway

A multi-lingual Bible-study resource featuring commentaries, study helps, hundreds of translations, and more.


Daily Dose of Greek

Learn biblical Greek in daily, 2-minute doses direct to your inbox by New Testament scholar Dr. Rob Plummer.


Dr. Barrick

Old Testament study resources by O.T. scholar Dr. Bill Barrick, former professor at The Master’s Seminary.

Bible Study Resource - Septuagint LXX

The Septuagint

An English translation of the LXX, the default Greek translation of the Hebrew OT in the ancient world.


Precept Austin

Search by Bible passage through thousands of conservative commentaries, sermons, and other study helps.



A user-driven encyclopedia of biblical Christianity.

Bible-Study-Resource---Bible-mobile app

The Bible App

A simple, free mobile Bible app by YouVersion. Includes dozens of translations, reading plans, and more.