December 11, 2022

Our Father’s Greatest Desire for the World

FF Bible Church sermon series--How Am I Supposed to Pray Lord's Prayer

What the World Needs Now and In the Future

In light of all the disagreements in our polarized society, nearly everyone would agree that we are in trouble and that world is in desperate need of something. But what? The right elected official? The right legislation? Education? Material prosperity for everyone?

Jesus' teaching on prayer is instructive for us in many different ways. Not it does it teach us what we should pray for, but it teaches us what we need, and what God's will is for us. In this sixth message in our series on the "Lord's Prayer" passage in Matthew's Gospel, we look at Jesus' exhortation to pray for the coming of the Kingdom. When we consider what he means by that, we discover what our troubled world needs most of all.

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Sermon Transcript

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